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Chargify API Active Resource Gem

CI: (is it running the remote tests?)

Working on


Updating my fork

To use local changes:

gem build chargify_api_ares.gemspec
gem install ./chargify_api_ares-1.3.2.pre.gem

seemed to have to install even though I pointed at it locally in Gemfile with

gem "chargify_api_ares", :path => "~/projects/chargify_api_ares"

Note: Make sure to run with "bundle exec" in order to pick up the Gemfile

Looking at a similar issue to add delayed cancel

They've added subscription.delayed_cancel(true|false)

So how do you do a delayed cancel with a message? Are you meant to call *both* cancel and delayed_cancel to do that?

which implies I should have subscription.delayed_product_change(true|false) ?

I'm thinking subscription.product.handle = "new-product" subscription.change_product(delayed=false)

(How do you cancel a delayed product change through the API? It's possible through the UI...)

Running the remote tests

To run the remote tests:

1. Create a new Chargify Site, and leave it in test mode with the test gateway (this is the default). I suggest username-gem-test, for example, mine is wsmoak-gem-test

2. Copy spec/remote/remote.example.yml to spec/remote/remote.yml, and update the subdomain name and your api key

3. Modify spec/remote_spec.rb to add a sleep after each time it clears the site data. Clearing a site was recently moved to a background job, so the API request is returning immediately, before the site is *actually* cleared. For example:

 -  before { Chargify::Site.clear_data! } 
 +  before { Chargify::Site.clear_data!; sleep 15 }

4. Run the tests:

 bundle exec rspec

Note: the remote tests seem to be running by default with `bundle exec rspec` even though the output *says*

 exclude {:remote=>true}

This seems wrong, but I haven't looked for the reason yet.

As of 2016-05-28, one test is broken. See

Current CI:

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