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Monitoring a Continuum instance

Edit $CONTINUUM_HOME/bin/[platform]/wrapper.conf to add:

Start Continuum.

Start jconsole, select the 'WrapperSimpleApp?' line, and click Connect

The following image shows starting Continuum, then adding and building Shale:

You can also look at garbage collection statistics by adding

The first sends to the console (and wrapper log) while the second sends to the filename that you tell it to.

Example output:

420.568: [GC 62459K->58474K(65104K), 0.0074933 secs]
420.778: [GC 62634K->58733K(65104K), 0.0060762 secs]
420.919: [GC 62893K->58832K(65104K), 0.0034433 secs]
421.015: [GC 62992K->58723K(65104K), 0.0026420 secs]
421.067: [GC 62883K->60885K(65104K), 0.0107248 secs]
421.140: [GC 65045K->62114K(66384K), 0.0122194 secs]
421.153: [Full GC 62114K->32136K(66384K), 0.3591207 secs]
421.655: [GC 36296K->32242K(65104K), 0.0037377 secs]
421.754: [GC 36402K->33061K(65104K), 0.0037182 secs]
421.835: [GC 37221K->33120K(65104K), 0.0028722 secs]
421.930: [GC 37280K->34582K(65104K), 0.0056601 secs]
422.074: [GC 38742K->35150K(65104K), 0.0072451 secs]

This is before->after(total heap), time

TODO: Why do we have wrapper.conf set to an initial heap size of only 3M? It takes 25M to start and sit idle with no projects added.


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