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JavaOne 2006 can be summed up as, "A laptop, free wireless Internet access, and 15,000 of my closest friends."

The trip was nearly perfect, from the last-minute flurry of travel planning that resulted in Vic Cekvenich picking me up at the airport and taking me out to Mountain View for Patrick Lightbody's Struts 2.0 talk, to the perfect late Spring San Francisco weather, to the myriad of sessions I attended.

In addition to Vic, I finally got to meet fellow Struts committers Craig McClanahan, Martin Cooper, Don Brown, Gary VanMatre, Greg Reddin, Patrick Lightbody, Jason Carreira, and Ian Roughley. Did I miss anybody? That makes nine of us in one place, a new record after the seven in attendance at ApacheCon 2005 in San Diego, CA. [1]

Purely by chance, I ran into [Colm MacCarthaigh] at registration. He of course had no idea who I was, but I recognized his name from [Planet Apache], and we talked for a few minutes while we waited to cross the street.

The (incomplete!) list of other people I managed to meet up with at some point during the week includes Peter Pilgrim, Martin van den Bemt, John Fallows, Jonas Jacobi, Dennis Byrne, Wilfred Springer, Brett Porter, Jesse McConnell, and Carlos Sanchez.

The Mergere booth proved to be my favorite place when I wasn't in a session. Carlos and Jesse were usually there, as well as Mergere's Technical Services Director, David Schwartz.

[1] Retroactively counting Bob Lee who was voted in as a committer after the conference would make it ten.

Updates 2006-07-23: See the GlassFish page for a link to the BOF which showed using embedded Maven 2 to modularize the app server. Thanks to Michael Wechner on users@maven for finding the link.

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