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Rabbits For Sale

Purebred Californian Meat Rabbits Available

We've decided to concentrate on other projects and I'm closing down my backyard rabbitry.

Excellent meat type. Ready to breed now and improve your meat rabbit herd genetics.

Original breeding stock is from a youth meat pen exhibitor, selected for solid meaty bodies and quick growth.

My experience with this line has been litters up to 10 kits, reaching 5 lbs between 9 and 10 weeks on pellets, hay and greens.

Your mileage may vary! Litter sizes are dependent not only on genetics, but also on environment and husbandry.

Rabbit is an excellent source of lean protein and can be used in almost any recipe that calls for chicken.

Available Immediately

Available Later

Bass Equipment prices

Cage package available with purchase of rabbit

(Sorry, no cages available separately at this time.)

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