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Getting Started with the Apache Shale Framework


Shale is based on JavaServer Faces, so you need at least a basic understanding of how JSF works. See the references section for a link to the four-part series on JSF available from IBM Developerworks if you need this background information.

Shale Blank

The easiest way to get started on your first Shale webapp is to use the Maven 2 archetype. The following command will create a directory names 'myproject' and set up an application for you to start with:

Note: The remoteRepositories attribute won't work until the next version of the maven-archetype-plugin is released.

   $ cd ~/projects
   $ mvn archetype:create 

(The output of this command should look like this: /Output )

To build your new webapp:

   $ cd myproject
   $ mvn war:war

ViewController mapping



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