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20140907 on #stripe bob__ wrote "my question is I have been trying to setup stripe on my website. BUT I am offering a subscription service,thus I need a dropdown menu with multiple options. I have tried various plugins with no avail. I just want a simple stripe button with a dropdown menu for subs"

plugins probably means wordpress. see

attach metadata to a customer and search for it in the dashboard

Google Analytics for Stripe payment button. on wordpress?

20140918 on #stripe stripe386 wrote: For StripeCheckout, i am passing the amount parameter so that card decline error shows up right on the modal [2:27pm] stripe386: i also want to call a server side function when that happens [2:28pm] stripe386: how do i set callback for when card is declined, zip code fails, cvc fails when those checks are done through

20140924 on #stripe andyw4: Can anyone give me some advice - how do I access future transfers via the API?

20140929 jaimz: there come another race condition kind of situation where, what if a user is subscribed to a plan with a 15 day trial and a setup fee, then the subscribe to another plan that has a setup fee but no trial period... will the setup fee be stuck to the second plan's invoice because it's the next invoice to be paid, and it's paid before the 1st plan which has a 15 day trial?!

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