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With iPhone and MacBook?

  1. Connect phone to mac
  2. Image Capture app
    1. Import To: Pictures
    2. Import All

  1. Capture images in RAW format using Canon 10D
  2. Use BreezeBrowser to add IPTC data to the RAW files (actually to the thumbnails)
    1. Keywords
    2. Headline: rider (firstName lastInitial) | horse | event
    3. Category: H, J, D, XC, S
  3. Develop to high-quality JPG using Capture One LE
    1. If necessary, develop to TIFF, convert to PSD, edit and then save as JPG in 'Develops'
  4. Use BreezeBrowser to copy EXIF data from captures to JPG files in 'Develops'
  5. Run Java program 'JpgSort' to sort the images from the source 'Develops' directory to a temporary destination directory based on the IPTC headline.
  6. Use BreezeBrowser to generate HTML
    1. SP-recursive-proofs template to generate sub-galleries
    2. run the cleanup script
  7. Rename 'HTML' directory to the event code
  8. Move the event gallery under website/smoakphoto/proofs
  9. Edit proofs.htm to list the new gallery
  10. Edit index.htm to note the new event
  11. Publish website changes
  12. Rebuild website search engine index

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