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The Devil You Know | A ghost story wrapped in a mystery set in an alternate reality where ghosts and zombies are de rigeur. Felix Castor is an exorcist who has to come to terms with the possibility that ghosts are people, too.

The Four Hour Work Week | I didn't get too far into this book before realizing that the author was no one I wanted to emulate. I was put off by descriptions of behavior at best unsportsmanlike, and bordering on unethical. Want to win a sports competition? Study the rules and find a loophole. Want good grades? Debate every deduction with the TA in excruciating detail until he "thinks twice" about giving you less than an A next time. While there were some interesting stories, by the time I got to the advice to 'stop reading any book that...' I was more than ready to put *this* one down. On the plus side, the book itself is well designed and gorgeously typeset.

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