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Q: How do I search for a file by filename in IDEA? (The equivalent of "find . -name" on the command line.)

: A: Go To -> File (and type the filename). Also see the "Library Finder" plugin.

See: Ant

* Copy 'junit.jar' into C:\IntelliJ-IDEA-4.5\lib\ant\lib
* Copy 'catalina-ant.jar' from $TOMCAT_HOME\server\lib to C:\IntelliJ-IDEA-4.5\lib\ant\lib

By default IDEA stores its caches and configuration in the user's home directory (profile directory). On Windows platform it's usually \Documents and Settings\user_name\.IntelliJIdea50 , on Unix it's ~/.IntelliJIdea50 .

In some environments user's home directory is located on the mapped network drive which in unacceptable for IntelliJ IDEA. You'll notice the huge performance degradation.

The solution is to move the configuration and caches to the local drive and change locations of these directories in IDEA_HOME\bin\ file.

You need to adjust the following parameters:

* idea.config.path
* idea.system.path
* idea.plugins.path

Note for Mac OS X users: most likely you will not need to change the defaults, but if for some reason you want to do it, you can find the related settings in the Info.plist file located in IDEA Application directory.

IDEA hangs at "Loading Project" saying 'Saving Local History'!default.jspa?categoryID=4&externalID=68

If you cannot open source files in the editor (getting an error message) or even start IDEA (if one of the local history files is corrupted), you can try to reset IDEA's local VCS caches by deleting USER_HOME\.IntelliJIdea?\system\vcs directory.

Early Access:


* How to open a file from the same directory as the current file? File -> Open retains the last place any file was opened from.

* JEdit HyperSearch?? Structural search only works for code.

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