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Moving on... Maven2

Notes on building projects with Maven 1.0

* Download Maven 1.0.x

* To change the location of the .maven directory where it keeps a .jar file repository:

In your 'home' directory (C:\Documents and Settings\username.DOMAIN on Windows) place a ' file:

# Properties file for Maven builds
# maven.home.local tells it where to put all the .jars it downloads

* To run a single unit test with Maven 1.0.2
maven test:single  -Dtestcase=TestClassName

Text editors can validate project.xml if you provide the schema:

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""

* 'maven ant' generates a build.xml file which downloads dependencies to the maven repository.
* if you have a dependency on something that was built and installed locally, it still checks the maven repository to see if the file has changed

Articles and Tutorials

* [Apache Maven Simplifies the Java Build Process—Even More Than Ant]
* [Maven: Trove of Tips]

* [Maven Will Change Your Life by James Mitchell] or [here]


Maven and IDEs

* [IBM Developer Works Eclipse + Maven]


Maven Plugin for IntelliJ? IDEA


* MavenWarSource
* MavenResource
* MavenMultiProjectSite
* MavenPdfPlugin
* MavenConditionalDependency

* Jelly Script


* MavenWarPlugin

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