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Stripe Docs Patch says application_fee_percent is 'A positive decimal (with at most two decimal places) between 1 and 100...' but still says ‘an _integer_ between 1 and 100’. and scroll down... the "Handling Errors" section needs an anchor says "When you update a card, Stripe will automatically validate the card." however there is no mention of what happens if the card doesn't validate. It just says "Returns the card object." How do you know whether it validated? needs to mention the exports on the dashboard or link to should talk about how to clear the metadata (send an empty string? or an empty array?) needs to be updated for the new StripeBillingCycleAnchor when that launches. says 2 days but the api docs say 7

... delete the default customer CARD if one exists....

also, what does it mean to validate the card? (authorize a small amount, apparently.) shows "count: 3" in the sample output, but that does not appear with the code provided "Stripe::InvoiceItem?.all".
You have to do this to get it: Stripe::InvoiceItem?.all( {customer: $, include: ["total_count"] } )

TO DO does not mention accepting a token for the bank account when updating a recipient. seems like it should... need to test. what about if I've only done one-off charges and didn't save customers/cards to my account?

The Dashboard needs to say that receipts are never sent in test mode.

Explain the difference between cvc_invalid and cvc_incorrect on

Apparently you can release an authorization by refunding the charge when charge.capture=false. The docs should say that... API and

The docs on testing and upgrading to a new version of the API need work.

There is no discussion of using setApiVersion?, it only appears in the sample code

And there is no description of what will actually happen when you press the upgrade button (just a scary warning)

What does 'paid' mean on a charge?

The 'PCI and our approach' link in

goes to

which redirects to

which is not relevant.

should say more about how long you can use the stripe_user_id, stripe_publishable_key, refresh_token and access_token

Or, if these are standard OAuth concepts, link to somewhere explaining that.

Should IP addresses be documented other than on the stripe-api-announce list?!searchin/api-discuss/ip$20address

Needs to show how to set up a subscription for a shared customer

Also: minor UI bugs in the Dashboard

If you edit a test web hook url, the mode actually displays 'Live'

(though it is properly greyed out and you cannot change it, that's the wrong value.)

Why is it 'CVV' when adding a card through the Dashboard, and CVC in the Checkout overlay? has "Retry 1 days after the previous attempt" in the drop downs. Should be ' 1day'.

Needs to not suggest putting config.php in the public web directory (or at least have a disclaimer that it needs to be moved as soon as possible.)

Remove the "couldn't be simpler!" bit -- not everyone has the assumed knowledge, and it makes them feel bad if they couldn't get it working.


Submitted (via Twitter) 20140818, fixed by @kyle_conroy

The ‘refunding a charge’ link at the bottom of

goes to

which (the anchor) does not exist.

It should probably be

refund_application_fee does not have a default listed (should be false)

should mention

“When you update a customer's default credit card, we automatically retry the latest unpaid, unclosed invoice for each subscription. If the payment succeeds, the subscription transitions back to active.” - Jim Danz on Stripe API Discussion 20140620

Except that "Note that when a subscription has a status of unpaid, [...] updating customer card details will not lead to Stripe retrying the latest invoice.)"

(And, does anything else happen?)

balance_transaction: string

should say that this is the ID of the balance_transaction (like customer does, below it)

Contact me at wsmoak -at-

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