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My "votes" for issues that I keep running into, since I opened most of them and so can't vote for them.

CONTINUUM-1849 Changing a project group level build definition changes historical build results X
Name of the project on the Queues page should be a link to that project X
Queues page should show what group the project is from. Group should also be a link X
CONTINUUM-1627 A necessity of login breaks direct links X
The auto-refresh should be configurable. 1000's of developers x every 15 seconds... X
When I'm viewing or editing a schedule, I'd like to know what builds are associated with it X
Unable to add a project to Continuum if its parent is not already in the local repo X
Continuum ignores release plugin config for prefix on commit messages X
No way to force Archiva to index/scan everything without stopping it and deleting the index/db X
MDEPLOY-74 prevent re-deployment X
MRM-747 prevent re-deployment X
MRM-1056 Option to force scanning of an artifact/repository regardless of file dates X

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