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Logan Coach Horse Trailer For Sale


Logan Coach 16.5' steel gooseneck trailer with extended dressing room

2 Horse slant load with fold-down rear tack. 7' inside height.

Single owner, lightly used, well maintained 1999 model, lived in hot, dry Phoenix, Arizona until 2010 -- so only 8 years exposed to the weather in the southeast.

Excellent setup for dry camping with curtained windows and a pass-through door from dressing room into the horse area.

Padded seat on boot box, shelves, clothes storage and countertop height prep area.

Steel roof. not insulated. (Roof has fiberglass at nose of gooseneck.) Wood floor.

New Goodyear Endurance 15" load range E (80 psi) trailer tires -- extra spare, six total tires/wheels.

Loading lights above dressing room and rear doors for those early morning departures.

Known issues: some surface rust, a few dents. roof needs to be re-sealed. (minor leak if parked downhill at just the wrong angle.) Telescoping divider stuck in the long position.

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/9hxd1a5ppf6dsd3m6

Available to view at Saddle Up Tack & Feed 9932 Veterans Pkwy, Midland, GA 31820 (near Columbus, GA)

Contact wendy.smoak@gmail.com

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