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Revision 19 . . May 28, 2016 4:23 pm by Wendy
Revision 18 . . May 27, 2016 8:05 am by
Revision 17 . . May 7, 2016 5:07 pm by Wendy

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Changed: 52c52
Create a separate Chargify site in test mode using the bogus gateway (this is the default).
To run the remote tests:

Changed: 54c54
Copy the /spec/remote/reote.example.yml file to /spec/remote/remote.yml and update it with the subdomain name and your api key.
1. Create a new Chargify Site, and leave it in test mode with the test gateway (this is the default). I suggest username-gem-test, for example, mine is wsmoak-gem-test

Changed: 56c56
look at spec/spec_helper.rb and set the configuration environment variables SUBDOMAIN, API_KEY, DOMAIN
2. Copy spec/remote/remote.example.yml to spec/remote/remote.yml, and update the subdomain name and your api key

Changed: 58c58,74
include --tag remote on the bundle exec rspec command line.
3. Modify spec/remote_spec.rb to add a sleep after each time it clears the site data. Clearing a site was recently moved to a background job, so the API request is returning immediately, before the site is *actually* cleared. For example:

- before { Chargify::Site.clear_data! }
+ before { Chargify::Site.clear_data!; sleep 15 }

4. Run the tests:

bundle exec rspec

Note: the remote tests seem to be running by default with `bundle exec rspec` even though the output *says*

exclude {:remote=>true}

This seems wrong, but I haven't looked for the reason yet.

As of 2016-05-28, one test is broken. See https://github.com/chargify/chargify_api_ares/issues/131

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